Colton Storla – Brokers Who Excel

We are pleased to announce that Colton Storla, CPBS, GBDS, Employee Benefits Advisor, Partner is our broker of the month!

Within the past year, Colton has gone above and beyond to bring his clients success. He leads by example by helping groups with over 330+ lives enrolled with Excel Health Plans – impressive!

We spoke to Colton about what inspired him in this business: no doubt it’s a true passion for helping others.

Learn from the wealth knowledge he brings to the table with his years of experience.

Here’s what Colton had to say:

1. What success story with Excel Health Plans are you most proud of?

“My team and I worked on a new prospect that was dealing with a 44% increase. We were able to come in with Excel Health to almost keep them at a flat renewal. Most importantly we have been able to better manage the frequency and severity of their claims to the plan. Additionally, members are seeing lower out of pocket costs when seeking various medical services and some prescription drugs. Win for the plan, win for the employer, and win for the members!”

2. What has been a time you’ve wanted to give up? What did you do to keep pushing forward?

“It was just a few years ago that I felt like I wanted to give up but that ended up being the same time I decided to make a change. I started educating myself more on this very complex ecosystem of healthcare (books, podcasts, conferences) and I did a lot of networking with other advisors. I am very grateful for the individuals that took the time out of their day to connect or share ideas.”

3. What keeps you motivated every day?

“People – my team, clients, their employees, everyone that has to buy or consume healthcare. We have a broken healthcare system that needs an overhaul that puts a stop to bankrupting our fellow American’s. Change is happening for the better and the wins that we are achieving here at North Risk Partners and the ones I hear about from my peers keep me motivated everyday.”

Thank you Colton for sharing your awesome story with us! Let’s go!


Michael Patton