Ryan Cox – Brokers Who Excel

We are pleased to announce that Ryan Cox is our broker of the month!

Ryan has been with us for some time now and has always gone above and beyond to help his clients. He is truly a GOAT of the insurance world, and we are grateful to have him.

In just 12 months Ryan has implemented 12+ groups with over 375+ member lives.

We caught up with Ryan to ask him a few questions about his business. Here’s what he had to say:

1. What success story with Excel Health Plans are you most proud of?

“We’ve had many instances we were able to save an employer on their premiums, but overall helping navigate members to get their care or medications at a significantly reduced cost is what I’m most happy with. Many employers forget that the coverages they offer should exist to truly benefit their employees. Excel Health Plans has truly helped my clients honor that promise to their members.”

2. What has been a time you’ve wanted to give up? What did you do to keep pushing forward?

“Several years ago, it was a grind. Showing the same old plans and delivering bad news to clients really wore on me. I was always on the lookout for innovative ideas, but there just weren’t many for mall and mid-sized employers. I then began hearing more about the custom plan approach and breaking free of the carrier-owned model. The more I learned, the more I liked and realized that so few employers are aware of these concepts. It really created a mindset shift in me when speaking with my clients”

3. What keeps you motivated every day?

“The best and only motivator I need is knowing that what we are doing for clients is absolutely the best option for their employees and for the long-term sustainability of their ability to continue offering high quality coverage.”

Thank you Ryan for sharing! Keep up the amazing work you are doing.


Michael Patton