How easy is your plan creation process?

You know how difficult it can be to create a custom next-generation health benefits plan in an industry that is changing fast. You need to work to stay ahead of the curve to stay competitive. The good news is you can simplify the sales and onboarding process with Excel Health Plans turnkey solutions.

What’s the fix?

Excel Health Plans offers alternative healthcare options that puts employers in the driver’s seat.

Gain Clarity

Find out how your client's healthcare dollars are being spent so you can qualify them for the proper turnkey solution.

Define Cost

Be able to provide your clients with solutions anchored by proven plans that have clearly defined costs.

Take Control

Simplify the sales process by offering proven, pre-packaged solutions and simplify onboarding with existing processes.

Where can I hear about results?

From our existing brokers, of course.

“They’ve just spent a tremendous amount of time with me to understand what an innovative health plan looks like, and the knowledge that they bring to the table to help educate me and the clients that we work with. We also love the efficiency gains that we got from quoting.”

When do we start?

It’s now easier than ever to deliver next-generation health plans to your clients. Find out how you can drive costs down, improve benefits, and simplify everything in the process.