Brokers Who Excel – Matt Benton

When it came time to pick the newest “Brokers Who Excel” team member, there was no hesitation. Matt Benton‘s name came up right away, and everyone agreed. Matt has been using Excel Health Plans as a solution for his clients for 18 months and has already made a big impact. Let’s get to know Matt from the Fairly Group in Amarillo, TX, a little better (before you ask us, no, we didn’t ask him if there are any armadillos there).

What type of accounts do you guys service?

The Fairly Group is located in Amarillo, TX, but we have clients all over the US. We can support all types of businesses. Though I have had a bit of a run on Sports and Entertainment clients. Working with them adds a little excitement to the project.

What is your focus when consulting with a client?

We always challenge the “Why”. Specifically, why is insurance structured the way it is? Many times, the answer is, “That’s just the way it’s been.” When I hear that, I know I’m going to be able to help this client, and in the end, they are going to be happy.

What motivates you?

I know it may sound a little cheezy, but it really is about making my clients happy. At the end of the process, after they see how much they are saving, how strong the benefits are, and how easy the process was for them, they are extremely grateful and it gives me a sense of fulfillment. It’s also not just for the business. With these new plans we can make the benefits more interactive and robust which the employee’s love.

What has your experience been like selling Excel Health Plans?

At this point, we’ve put well over 20 clients on, and every account was a breath of fresh air. The clients barely know the difference between Excel and their old plans, which we think is a good thing. It’s stretching the comfortability away from traditional health care. I love that Excel has built a program that challenges what we see as the ecosystem of healthcare in the past. It has the feel and taste of traditional health care but with outside-of-the-box thinking. Excel also allows us to get aggressive on pricing, and we know they are not a fly-by-night plan provider that won’t be around for renewal.

What has support been like with Excel Health Plans?

It’s been flawless. Everyone at Excel is responsive and committed to the client (and me as the broker). And like I said before, the clients love it. It’s streamlined and there have been no disruptions vs the larger BUCA competitors.

To close it out, any favorite quotes you want to leave us with?

Yeah, I did actually see a social media posts just the other day that stuck with me. It said, ‘Consistency is what transforms average into excellence.’

Thanks to Matt for taking time out of your schedule to talk with us. We appreciate what you are doing and look forward to adding the next 20 clients together.